Run to burn off the crazy

richard-perry-photography-1Photographer Andrea Denniss from Pink Lily Photography shares with us how to run a successful business, be a single mum, run a marathon and remain sane

I am currently sat with a very sore toe after my last training run. I’m also exhibiting at The Great Yorkshire Show whilst ensuring that my eldest daughter arrives at her Bugsy Malone production on time with everything she needs in addition ensuring my youngest daughter is happy on her school residential.  I’m also trying to work out why my phone battery is disappearing at an alarming rate and what I can do to ensure it stays alive so I’m all ready to deal with anything my girls, my business or my personal trainer may throw at me. Of course, being unaware of lost stage shoes, my next HIIT session or how wet, soggy and annoyed my daughter is after being made to hike up a hill in the rain could be a good thing.

This is a typical day.

When I sat down to consider how do you run a successful business, be a single mum, run a marathon and stay sane I realised that the business, being a single mum and staying fit were three sides of the same triangle. Each needs the other to support it and that keeps me on track.

pink-lily-photography-1-5My business is a photography business because I love photography.  I decided some time ago that you only live once and I was not going to spend the majority of my life doing something I didn’t truly enjoy. I also needed flexibility as being a single mum I wanted to be there for my girls and enjoy their childhood. It disappears so quickly and being self-employed gave me control over the hours I worked and when I worked them. The business had to be successful as I wanted to provide everything I could for my girls. I also wanted to show them how to work hard, believe in yourself and make your dreams a reality. It’s in no way easy and takes determination, hard work and in my case tears – happy, sad and frustrated ones!

The final side of my triangle is keeping fit. This is actually the bit that keeps my head straight. I run to burn off the crazy as they say.  I’m not a natural runner in any way but I’ve learnt it has the most amazing calming effect on me.  I come back having sorted things out and feeling amazing. I’ve realised that I’m very much goal driven so setting myself challenges such as running a marathon or getting to the end of ‘Tough Mudder’ ensures I make the time to train; employing a personal trainer means there is no place to hide.  The fitter I am the less tired I am which is a win-win situation for me, my girls and my business.

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