Hey, dude, I love your band!

“Play it f–king loud!” said Bob Dylan – yeah, good advice I think.

You think you know someone…

I’ve known the MD of One Vision, Derek Poulston, for about four years, starting when we used to work closely together when I was a magazine editor and publisher. We became friends and spent a good few hours in the pub chewing the fat; many-a SWPP Trade Show getting merry in the bar of the hotel after the awards night came to a close. I knew about Derek’s passion for travel and culture; a little of his past as a wanna-be designer and lab manager but mainly as Mr P, MD and passionate pro photography industry advocate.

Derek Poulston Portrait 1 mono
Mr P, MD of One Vision and lead singer of 90s band, Rise.

Some of you may have known my Professional Photographer of the Year Awards associated with one of my magazines; OVI were a corporate sponsor and Derek was a judge. In its (to be) final year,(inevitably) happily nestled in a bar afterwards  with magazine staff and contributors, other sponsors and friends, Derek suddenly piped up and gave us a perfect rendition of Puccini’s ‘Nessun Dorma’. Sat in the back of Crazy Eights in Cheltenham, we all sat there, stunned and more than slightly surprised. Bugger, he could really sing.

Fast forward a few years and while having a bit of banter in the office with our then new designer, Derek rather casually slipped into conversation that he was in a band called Rise. I joined in, remarking about how he must be buddies with the likes of Albarn, Gallagher and Cocker… I thought it was all part of the moment – but he then produced a CD. “Err, really?” I said.

And so, you think you know someone until a CD for a band called Rise appears with 14 tracks on and you listen to it… and it’s actually rather good. Well, I think so anyway. Make up your own mind – have a listen to track 4 entitled, ‘Breathe’. Remember, you heard it here first and I only take 20%, Derek!

Funny how things turn out; perhaps we’ll see Rise at Latitude in the near future, backdrop of massive prints supplied by One Vision Imaging, of course!

Words by Adam Scorey

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