My first impressions…

Derek Poulston Portrait 1 monoDerek Poulston, MD of One Vision Group and opening speaker at this year’s SWPP Convention, shares a little of his experiences of the first day at The Business School/Convention.

“The SWPP Business School is, once again, living up to its name of encouraging photographers to look at the pure business of photography, as opposed to the creative endeavor of photography itself! This is often an area that gets overlooked in the early stages and is without doubt having an impact and resonating around the gathered throng.

“I have no doubt that we have some great photographers here today, but all of them by the very fact they are here recognise that being a great photographer means nothing without a solid business model behind it! That’s just good common sense, if nothing else, but needs building upon.

SWPP Blog Post – day one image
Mark Cleghorn from The Photographer Academy talks with delegates at the 2016 SWPP Business School. ©Derek Poulston

“We’ve heard from the industries best here today and, refreshingly, not a mention of a camera model, bit of lighting kit or a tripod! I believe we all recognise that Jamie Oliver is not a skilled and respected chef because he has a very nice oven!

“To me, and from what I have witnessed today, the SWPP Convention is all about like-minded people coming together in this fabulous industry of ours, sharing ideas and experiences; trade and photographers alike talking and trusting each other as we all need each other to be successful! Our skilled, creative and exciting industry can have a positive future. I say, long live professional photography!”
Derek Poulston
Managing Director, One Vision Imaging Ltd

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