The importance of sales tools

Continuing on from Friday’s blog, Jane Breakell, sales and business guru from Aspire Photo Training, discusses tools to help you increase your profit

It is a true fact that people buy what they see – If you want to successfully retail framed pictures for the wall, images on canvas or beautiful collections in albums then you have to invest and create yourself some stunning, high quality sales samples.

There is a world of choice out there, many companies and professional labs provide a ‘one stop shop’ then there are companies that specialise. It is important that you choose a good supplier, one with whom you can build a great working relationship; you want to see your suppliers as an extension of your team. More importantly than that the style and quality of the products they supply should sit consistently alongside your brand and the marketplace position you have chosen to work within. This way they will also appeal to your target market client.

© Jenny Heyworth Photography

Many manufacturers will offer a whole range of different options as their marketplace will be broad, they are reaching out to many different photographers, so it is up to you to choose the products from their range that sit comfortably within your business. Limit your choice – if a supplier offers 5 different types of canvas – you need to select the one that you prefer and create your sample in that style, don’t be tempted to offer all 5 options to your clients, it is too confusing for them and for you. Follow these same rules with acrylic presentation options and the range of frame mouldings you want to offer, keep mount options and album choices down to a minimum too otherwise it is overwhelming and it becomes a pricing nightmare. From speaking to many photographers on a daily basis I know the problems that are faced – “there is too much choice!”. “Where do I even begin with pricing?” The answer is to not get carried away with product options in the beginning; you can always expand the range and add to it later. Start small and simple.

When choosing images for your samples, always choose an image which is a really good example of something that you can replicate again and again. A ‘one off’, wow factor image will look great on your website and may be an award winner, but if it isn’t something that your clients can identify with within their shoot then it isn’t ideal for a sample. Also consider the method of presentation – the acrylic medium is a very clean, contemporary presentation option and therefore needs a contemporary image within it, something vibrant in colour or a funky composition. Make sure the image suits the product and vice versa.

Once you have your range of samples in place you will find that people will buy!

A quality product, housing a beautiful image should literally ‘sell itself’. Sales tools will bring money back into the business and are therefore a crucial investment. Look after them, keep them looking tip top and they will earn their keep many times over.

Jane xxx


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