Sell, sell, sell…

Jane Breakell, one of the marketing & business coaches from Aspire Photography Training, gives us a few basic yet valuable lessons in the art of selling

It’s fair to say that the area of sales isn’t the most comfortable territory for most photographers. By sales I mean that part of the business dedicated to retailing finished products and it is an area that is most neglected, least enjoyed but actually is the final part of the process that actually brings in the money! It should have a much higher priority than it does in most photography businesses.

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If I could pass on one small gem of information – which would make this area more successful (and actually an easier process to navigate through) – it would be all about preparation; setting expectations from the word go with your clients so that they understand the process of how they can purchase from you, what they can purchase from you and how much the various options available are likely to cost

At each point of contact your client has with your business, what are you doing to help set the expectation, what are you doing to pre sell? Consider the following timeline and really focus on what you are saying and doing at each interaction you have with your clients to prepare them for the spend.

Your website needs to inform your clients about the process – how do you expect them to trade with you? What are your rules of engagement? Do you show images of your finished products and discuss the quality and pricing?

At the first email or telephone enquiry, are you responding with a script that you have prepared which ensures you don’t forget any of the crucial information that educates the client about the average amounts of money that most clients spend and what the popular products of the moment are?

Always follow up each enquiry with a written response, confirming everything that you have discussed and reinforcing the message.

Pre wedding consultations or a portrait shoot itself should offer you the opportunity to showcase some of your samples. Albums, folios, print boxes can all be transported on location in the car for the moments before or after a shoot to start to encourage the clients to really think about what they might want from the session, where they might hang a wall picture or two, had they considered an album at this point and let them see examples.

7-10 days later when you go back to show them their beautifully edited images I would expect that 80% of the work should be done in the pre sell. The expectations are set, they view the images with you as a ‘hands on’ sales process and then with your guidance and the help of your beautiful samples the final sales experience should be more enjoyable… and profitable!

Jane Breakell xxx


28th August – The next Bespoke Insight Day

This complimentary day occurs prior to each Bespoke intake and will give you an excellent understanding of Aspire and the 12 month Bespoke Programme.  This is also a great opportunity to meet people who could potentially be travelling through the course with you.  Along with Catherine and Jane who host the day, we also have short presentations from two photographers who have completed the Bespoke programme. One presentation by a fairly recent Bespoke member and the other presentation by a photographer who is 2-3 years into the life of their business.   

If you would like to attend this day please RSVP to or call 01524 782200

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  1. If only!! I’m yet to find anyone prepared to pay more than £100 for photographs. Most just want digital images to view on their phone or iPad – as long as they don’t have to pay for them. Lots of demand for FOC work, of course 😦 Photographs just not a priority purchase for most. Perhaps easier for yummy mummy photogs with good social connections?


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