5 Essential Baby Poses

Learn from Newborn Baby Posing their 5 top tips for photographers new to this genre

With the ever-growing trend towards this style of newborn photography it can be baffling for newbies entering into this field on where to start with posing and props.  As you are working with newborns, we do recommend that you research this market thoroughly to ensure that all safety aspects of newborn photography are covered and ideally embark on a newborn photography training workshop. We have compiled five of our favourite go to poses that we would photograph on a newborn shoot. We undertake all our newborn photography sessions when the baby is 14 days or under, ideally 6-10 days bold. Babies of this age are still curly and sleepy ; this is the age you want to capture as they change so quickly.

1. Side Pose

Using a firm posing beanbag and soft fabric backdrop hung from a stand you can easily achieve this pose with a sleepy baby. It’s a great starting point on your shoot as you don’t have to move the baby too much. Try to get your backdrop as wrinkle free as you can by clamping the sides to furniture, asking parents or assistants to help or by clamping your backdrops to the side of a beanbag posing frame. Place a small posing pouch (a small rolled towel will suffice) under the fabric backdrop where you will place the baby’s head. Lay them on their side and bend their legs gently to bring knees upward slightly.

side pose 1

The all important part is to gently place one hand under their cheek. This lifts the baby’s head so that it is tilted towards the camera and is not sinking down into the beanbag causing unsightly shadows. Try where possible to gently unclench the baby’s fingers as outstretched fingers look more appealing in an image. Always take your safety shot first, and then re-position your baby to refine your posing.

side pose 2

From this shot you can then choose to add a small hair-tie or hat to get another image for the parents then remove those items and follow that with a stretch knit, mohair or knitted wrap. Gently tuck the wrap around the baby neatly and you have managed to get three to four images from this simple pose. If you have a macro lens you can then also concentrate on close-ups – hands, feet, eyelashes and so on.

2. Front Pose

This one does require a very sleepy baby. The baby will be on their tummy so if not settled may not like it. Fold their arms across each other so that the head and chin rests on their hands. Take your time and don’t rush – patience is key. Make sure their feet and legs are slightly outstretched at the back to ensure they are comfortable and also to ensure that they can’t propel themselves forwards, it’s amazing how strong these tiny babies can be!

front pose 1

You will need one finger on the baby’s head at all times as our image below demonstrates to ensure their head does not fall to the side. You would then edit out the finger in post processing. Always have a spotter, either an assistant or one of the parents by your side at all times to ensure your newborn’s safety.

front pose 2

3. Posing Ring

We love this pose as it’s so simple to achieve. Use one of our posing rings or posing crescents or create a small circle with rolled up towels under your favourite fabric backdrop, fur or flokati rug placed on the beanbag. Cross your baby’s legs, you may need to add a little posing pouch or rolled up towel under their bottom to elevate the legs slightly. Your newborn will then be nestled in the ring for a lovely relaxed and natural looking image.posing ring

4. Wrapping

Wrapping babies is definitely an art and takes lots of practise. Many photographers will do casting calls for newborn babies just to practise their wrapping skills. There are many videos on You Tube that can help you to get started.

Newborn Baby Posing Wrapping[1]

We have wrapped this tiny 5lb baby here and used posing pouches under his head and bottom to create this lovely curve for him to settle into.

5. Basket Pose

Again another favourite is the shooting down pose. This one is good if you have a fussy baby who doesn’t want to settle. Fill a large round basket with fur or a fabric backdrop and choose a matching or co-ordinating stretch knit wrap. Here we have placed the basket on a flokati rug and all the colours work well together. Wrap the baby and place them in the basket on their back and shoot from overhead. Always ensure you use your camera strap around your neck when shooting in this position.

basket pose

The above poses are great to start out with. There are many more adventurous poses that some photographers like to use, but we love the above and find that parents do too. As we mentioned, if you are venturing into the world of newborn photography then fine tuning the basic poses is a great way to start.

Newborn Baby

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