Building a brand for a photography business

AspireToo many leap at speed into the process of building a brand. You can’t build a great brand over night, you have to nurture the process and never lose sight of the role of the brand and all it has to achieve. Your brand’s job is to attract the right clients and navigate clients towards the business, whilst selling the aspirations of the business. Before you start the design process ask yourself a few questions:

  • What are the objectives of the brand?
  • What type of clients would I like my brand to attract?
  • What expectations do you have of the brand and all it needs to achieve for the business?

Mind map before you start diving in; be sure of what you are looking for and be sure of all you want to achieve. I tell everyone that building a brand is only expensive if you build the wrong one! It will be the best investment you ever make if you align the brand to all you want to achieve for the business. Scrapbooking is a great method; invest in magazines such as Country Living, Homes and Gardens, Women and Home, Elle Decoration. Collect the type and style of magazines your clients read, and tear out:

  • Colour palettes that appeal to you
  • Words and statements that appeal to you
  • Photographs and images that appeal to you
  • Brands to use as benchmarks
  • And maybe a few wild cards as well

Your scrapbook will become your guide; it will inspire you, teach you and inform you of all you want to achieve from the brand. The brand needs to work harder than you; it has a role to play. The role being a rather vital one, as the brands job is to build the business, attract the right clients and state the expectations of all you want to achieve. Gain ideas and suggestions, then start!

ForYourEyesOnly047 web
Image © Teresa Cunningham

All brands need a voice and tone and the voice and tone are formed from your core values, which become visual values. Invest time in your language and give the business a voice. Think about what should be on the business card, brochure, website and blog; ensure all are consistent, all sell you, all represent you well. Always include upon your brand materials:

  • Your name ~ your tribe need to know who they are calling
  • Your website ~ they need to access the business as a whole
  • Your blog ~ the story teller, your blog will always be the most up to date piece of marketing material
  • Your phone number ~ clients need to be in control of how they touch base with you so don’t limit this; include your email address too

Fantastic resources to utilise which are the perfect partner to your brand are website providers such as Zenfolio; this is a super cool piece of kit – join their webinars and zoom tours. Every time I tap into a little bit of Zenny knowledge I learn a little something. Don’t underestimate the power of this baby; their sites are incredible if utilised correctly. Follow their advice and their SEO guidelines and the software will serve you well.

All that you need to achieve for the business cannot be achieved solely online, you need marketing materials of which you share. Share as you network, share with clients and even encourage clients to share them a little more; business cards are designed to bring business. Vision Impress  ~ perfection is print, is an ideal resource for you too.

Before you select your brand tools, decide what you would like them to achieve. Be clear on the type of images, what range of language to use and my tip is to be YOU. Today’s consumer is inspired by all that feels and looks nice; we have a very visually driven marketplace. Tap into the client’s appetite of nice things to have, hold and pin up on fridges.

Catherine XXX

Aspire’s next blog with us will be on the importance of selling.

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