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Top 5 Ways Photographers can earn more money

#1. Perception is Everything

When applying for freelance work, your portfolio is generally the first area an employer will judge you on. Open with a strong image relevant to the brief and keep it concise. What frequently gets neglected is the overall brand package. The quality of your prints, portfolio book, business cards and website should reflect your brand and professionalism from top to bottom. In 12 years of hiring creative talent, I’ve never once looked at a CV.

#2. Should I go Niche?

Most new freelancers like to offer a wide array of services to begin with as they’re worried they won’t find clients if they just stick to a single sector. In a recent survey we conducted, employers favoured a niche/specialised service. The market’s flooded with general photographers so be a photographer with a USP (unique selling point).


#3. The Price is Right

The dilemma: go high and potentially price yourself out of the market or go low and undersell yourself. First off, make sure whatever you charge will earn you enough to strive and survive. If that’s wildly more than market rate, you might want to consider your business model or lifestyle. Invest in an unbiased review of your brand to find your price point. You can always offer promos to gauge the market without having to fluctuate your rates. We’d also advise against pricing per client. Word travels fast.

#4. Kick it Old School

There is a world outside of your computer and in that world there is business to be had. Online services have made it easier than ever to pick up jobs, make contacts and develop quick relationships but nothing beats a face to face meeting. Tap into your local network, attend events and tell people about your business. It takes time and it’s nerve racking to some but the results are undeniable.

#5. Invest your money wisely

Your start­up capital is precious so spend it only the things you need at the moment in time. Do you really need the latest camera or Macbook? Can you run your business without it? Invest in areas that will offer you a strong return in investment so that you can pump money back into your company and reach a stable stage.

# Offer

To help generate new business One Vision has teamed up with The Freelancer Club to offer all photographers access to paid jobs, advice, events and more. Try it free for 7 days HERE and use voucher code VISION5 to get Pro Members for a fiver. The voucher expires on the 19th June.

About The Freelancer Club

The Freelancer Club is a membership club for creative talent. Members can set up a profile, access paid jobs, gain expert advice from mentors, attend cutting edge networking events and masterclasses as well as gain new industry contacts, read essential guides and much more. 


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