How well do you know your clients?

Catherine Connor from Aspire Photography Training shares some thoughts and ideas on improving the relationship with your client with a few simple tasks

I guess we have all arrived at the One Vision blog as a resource because we all have a great deal in common; we are here with a motive to improve, enhance our business’ performance and perhaps discover a little bit of self development treasure too.  Whatever your motivation, with my heart I hope this forthcoming post offers you a great deal of support and guidance; I want to serve the reader in the best possible manner.

This month’s theme is: how well do you know your clients so consider your tribe; how well do you REALLY know them? Have you had the opportunity to really study all of the aspects of your desired tribe and how it’s influencing your sales results and the growth of your business?

Steering your business will give you a great deal of pleasure; you have no time to waste, you need the right retail products, not just any products and the best designs for your clients as we can never neglect our mission to earn a decent living. Understanding the client, their homes and how they dress will have a huge influence on how and what we capture photographically.

© Jenny Heyworth Photography

Give time to researching and gaining a continual understanding of the client, whether this comes in the form of a trip to the High Street stores or a cheeky peek at Pinterest and Instagram. Whatever your preferred choice is, research what’s on trend – as photographic designers, what do we need to be alert to?

Your mission is to maintain a small thread between you and your clients; your objective is to know and understand your tribe as much as possible, you need to have a breadth of knowledge with regard to their tastes relating to fashion such as how they are dressed, styled and fashioned.

The content within every image is important. You’re a professional and your living is created from how you capture, why and what you achieve. We must never lose sight of this reality; we need to know the client well because we need to serve them as effectively as possible. All that we do has to relate to the clients and, naturally, this is vital as your mission is to build clients for life within your business. The objective – and challenge – being to remain relevant; relevancy will be your businesses currency and it will maintain and contribute to your hard-earned reputation. We can’t forget either the sheer importance of post-production styles too; the post production within your images on many levels has to reflect instantly the colour palettes and design of the homes of your clients.

In my experience, seasonal colour palettes never change drastically; they tend to evolve slowly, study this summer’s home design and how your albums reflect the interiors of your client’s home. Do your albums compliment and blend? Adding a value to the home is your objective. Look at the design, shape and texture of furniture and wall coverings, how do your frames, and canvases compliment with home styles available?

Lifestyle magazines such as Country Living and Elle Decoration and Homes and Gardens, to name a few, will offer you a great deal of inspiration. Raid these magazines for ideas, suggestions and tips. This knowledge will bind you and your clients, give you discussion points and help with long-term relationship management; it will also add confidence to how you sell and what you sell confidently.

Our reward is seeing our images in frames in prime positions within homes and this has to be the best acknowledgement for all professionals, meaning more to us than any award would ever achieve.

Happy shooting, love Catherine x


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