OVI TV – The Box Frame

OVI Wall Display Solutions – The Box Frame

Simple yet elegant best describes the ever popular Box Frame. It has become an alternative to the Canvas Wrap where the customer likes the ‘off the wall’ look but prefers to keep all of the image tucked neatly into the frame moulding. There are five natural frame mouldings to choose from, Dark Brown, Black Wash, White Wash, Bare Ash Wood and Pine.

This elegant product looks great on any wall and comes in 5 contemporary colours. This is the 50mm Dark Brown option. Click on the image to see our Box Frame film.

Float ProfilesYou can select four styles of Box Frame: Landscape, Portrait, Square and Panoramic formats, so you can match your Wall Art to your image. The image on the left shows the five option for frames you can order. Ordering itself is simple; go to our website, register (it takes just a few moments) and start creating your beautiful Box Frame in minutes.

We also have two other options available for the Box Frames solution, a Multi-Box and a Mosaic Box Frame.

Find out more about Box Frames, and to order one now, click here: www.onevisionimaging.com/info/products/finishedproducts/BoXframes.aspx

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