US Photographer Scott Kelby wins HIPA Award!


The Digital Photog­raphy Book series

Comprehensive and enjoyable are probably the best words to describe The Digital Photog­raphy Book series, by Scott Kelby, who has undisputedly become the best-selling author in the field of photography and one of the most successful in all genres. His book has been translated into several languages, benefitting generations of photographers around the world and in turn making him the perfect candidate for the distinguished HIPA photographic research/report award.

The series, which includes several best-sellers that Scott Kelby had authored or co-authored, were the initial reason why he was given the HIPA photographic research/report award. However, what put him ahead of the other candidates was the contribution he made to photography via specialised websites, as well as new and social media outlets, with his followers exceeding the 2.5 million mark. Kelby’s books contain tools, methods, techniques, tactics, tricks and tips that are a must for anyone seeking distinction in photography and the processing and retouching of photographs. A photographer’s private library would not be complete without at least one of Kelby’s books.

The Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award (HIPA) recognises Mr. Scott Kelby for his efforts in the enrichment of the photographic libraries all around the world as well as offering photographers the appropriate tools that can enable them to produce photographs worthy of being showcased in public exhibitions.

To see more of Scott’s inspirational work, training courses, Internet TV, store and much more, go to:

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