White Label: Our Products, Your Brand, Your Prices

Photographer at the desk, office gadgets and object lens

Mi casa es su casa…
Okay, not actually our home but One Vision’s website… Our products, your branding and your prices. The concept is that you can use our website, brand it as yours (with your logo at the top of each page) and create completely bespoke prices!

White Label is a powerful and user-friendly tool – that’s completely free! To try it for yourself, go to the ‘My Account’ section on our website when you are logged in, and click on the ‘White Label Mode’ link in the side menu. Follow the simple steps below, with matching screen grabs, to help you finish setup.

White Label 1
1) With the ‘White Label’ mode switched on from the ‘My Account’ page, the OVI logo changes to a default ‘Luxury Photo Products’ logo.
White Label 2
2) By uploading a logo, in this case we have added our ‘White Label’ branding, professionals can turn the OVI website into their own. As a default, prices are ‘hidden’ from the site – and your customer – but you can use the ‘display prices I have set’ option to apply your own pricing to our products.
White Label 3
3) Each OVI product has a range of options to make truly bespoke pricing, from a percentage increase over the cost price and/or a fixed mark-up. There are four options for rounding-up prices too.
4) Here you can see the final product made up on screen with what we have called a ‘sell price’ – the price that you give to your customer based on your bespoke pricing regime. 
White Label 5
5) You can then send that order immediately and have your client commit to purchase.


You can now lay out and show your customers anything from a Framed Print and Mount, a Canvas Wrap or a Shadow Box right in from of them and take the order there and then. In addition, you have options with our ‘White Label Pricing’ too; whether to remove prices or to use your own bespoke pricing structure. The point is, you have total control. Better still, the service is completely free!

OVI White Label on screen
Try White Label today, and see if your business can benefit from this fantastic sales tool too! 


OVI logo

One Vision Imaging Ltd | Herald Way | Binley Industrial Estate | Coventry | CV3 2NY

t: 0845 862 0217
e: info@onevisionimaging.com

7 thoughts on “White Label: Our Products, Your Brand, Your Prices

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  1. In the customer’s basket there’s an option to enter a voucher code. Is it possible for the photographer to enter voucher codes in settings as promotions/offers? Mark


    1. Hi Mark, I’m afraid that the voucher code option in the basket is only for our own offers – you’re very welcome to pass these directly on to your customer though. We currently have offers on our acrylic range, Ultimate Show Box and wedding albums.


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